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Forensic Data Recovery


This service is available to Lawyers, Solicitors, Banks, Financial institutions, Police Forces, Governmental Departments and personnel home users. Ni-Ki Data Recovery Services can retrieve evidence across the whole spectrum of criminal computer activities, without damaging or altering the original data.

The data can be recovered from deleted, hidden files, password-protected files, encrypted or damaged file structures. All company issues related to the use of a computer forensics examiner are private and disclosed only to the proper people.

Media that can be forensically examined include, hard drives, hard disks, tape, smartmedia, PDA, and mobile phones.

Data Deleted automatically, accidentally and intentionally can only be recovered with the help of data recovery expertise. Thus, We provide computer forensics services as an add-on to get those traces of data from computers, which can help tracking any suspected digital activity.

Computer/Cyber forensics is used to recover the data traces such as Files, Accounting Details, Internet Browsing History, Password Protected Data etc in order to convert and prove them as facts. As, when a file, folder or drive is deleted or formatted, the data still remain there in a traceable form. Data Recovery utilizes this methodology to recover those data files for using them as digital evidences to reach at a validated conclusion.

Due to the confidential nature of this Data Recovery Solutions, Ni-Ki data Recovery Services recommend that you contact directly to explain your situation.

Ni-Ki forensic data recovery services offer
for all areas such as

  • Computer Fraud
  • Computer Misuse
  • Internet and or Email abuse
  • Lost Password Recovery
  • Inaccessible media
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