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Flash Media Recovery


Ni-Ki Data Recovery Services has successfully recovered data from virtually every type and brand of flash memory based storage device ever produced. Companies such as Transcend, Corsair, OCZ, SanDisk, Kingston, and A-Data, just to name a few, all manufacture flash memory based storage devices based on NAND flash memory technology in a variety of types such as

  • USB Flash drive
  • Compact Flash Card
  • Secure Digital(SD)
  • MiniSD
  • MicroSD
  • Smart Media Card
  • SDHC Flash Card
  • Multimedia card(MMC)
  • Memory stick
  • Memory stick Duo
  • Memory stick Pro
  • Memory stick HG
  • Memory stick Micro
  • XD-Picture Card

Ni-Ki Data Recovery Services is able to recover data from flash media devices whether they are physically damaged, unrecognized by operating systems, or unmountable in cameras and other devices. This includes flash drives that are displayed as 0 MB in size, not recognized by the computer, or the device asks you to format.

Solid state storage devices such as a USB Flash drive, SD Card, Memory Stick or SSD drive have several advantages over other portable storage media. When compared with storage devices like floppy disks, hard drives, or ZIP drives, flash memory based storage devices are faster, have higher storage density, and contain no moving parts. But, no matter what type of storage device it is, sooner or later it will fail.

Just as a rechargeable battery loses its ability to take a charge after several hundred cycles, non-volatile NAND flash memory chips will also lose their ability to retain data after thousands of write/erase cycles. In most cases, however, a flash memory device stops working because of either a failed component inside the device or physical damage. When this happens, modern software solutions are unable to extract data because the device is inaccessible to the software.

With Ni-Ki Data Recovery Services .your data is in professional hands whether you have a USB Flash drive, SD Card, Memory Stick, or the newest SSD drive

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