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Data Recovery Shipping Instructions


Suggestions for Packaging & shipping Data Storage Media For Data Recovery

When shipping any type of media, it is extremely important that your media is packaged carefully to avoid any additional damage during shipment. Proper packaging will ensure a greater degree of recovery of your data.

Step 1
If possible, wrap the media in an anti-static material.

Step 2
Pack the media in a box twice the size of the media, using foam, bubble or any anti-shock / vibration material. This is to ensure that the media does not move around in the package during shipment.

Step 3
For ease of identification, please complete the data recovery information sheet and place it inside of the box. This information may be taped to the media being recovered.

The data recovery information sheet is a form that customers can enter information and print. Please complete as much information as possible. Be sure you mark your desired service level.

Step 4
Please ship packed media to the following location.

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